“TOO MUCH” was founded in 2010 by four friends that tired of the usual clubs in Milan, decided to create a new format inspired to their parties and evenings favorite around the world.

From a simple project, started this amazing friday night, a dinner with live music that provides an excellent entertainment, quality food and beverage,
great energy and fun for an exclusive customers.

“TOO MUCH” is a place to meet with friends, spend a gorgeous  evening and a chance to meet new people and socialize.

“TOO MUCH” is divided into 3 parts: aperitif, dinner with live music and live show and Dj Set.

Starting from h.20: 00 the aperitif, to heat up the minds and starting the party, dinner is served around 21:30 listening to some live music.
And then starting the Live Show, a ” Ping-Pong “between live music and dj-set where you’re singing!

Our music staff is composed by: Affo piano, Chiara to the microphone and Gas on the mix until 3 in the morning to give you a good night…
And the last but not the least, we have our great guest Rudy Smaila and some more special guests from the national compound.


Too Much The Other Side Of The Night